by Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof, Angela Joosse, Erika Loic, and Ilana Gutman
Mixed media installation
Exhibited August 27 - Sept 1, 2007
Ryerson Gallery, 80 Spadina Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The entrance into the Film-Lab-Digestive-Track exhibition took visitors through a long winding tube/ textile labyrinth. In this way, visitors were first immersed in a textured, visceral, and interactive environment. Upon exiting the tube, a much wider view of the overall sculptural structure of the labyrinth along with its integrated images and projections could be achieved. Visitors were also invited to participate in using parts of the tube as dark rooms for the production of photogram (or cameraless) images. Participants would place a body part on the photographic paper, and we would use a photo flash to make an impression on the paper. These images would then be developed, fixed and dried, and then would be added to the gallery walls surrounding the labyrinthine tube. Through this process, the installation slowly grew and expanded over time. Materially, the Film-Lab-Digestive-Track is a sculptural tribute to bodily processes. Metaphorically, it grapples with transformation, creativity, creation, process, and digestion of thought.

Tube: polyester lining, acetate lining, tule, spandex, organza, second hand linens (tablecloths, bed sheets, duvet covers), second hand clothing (t-shirts, hockey jersey, sweaters, blouses, skirts, pants, dresses, bathrobes, slips, hats, nylons, and stockings), nectarines, tissue paper, polyester reinforcement tape, elastic, aluminium grommets, steel hooks, 35mm film an dgold paint. (Approximately 40 x 4 meters, variable width).

Wall Piece: second hand linens (tablecloths, bed sheets, duvet covers, curtains), liquid light, gold and silver acrylic paint and powder, black & white (8" x 10") photographic paper, photographic flash, two dark bags, metallic threads (silver gold, bronze).
(Variable dimensions: the size of this piece is dependent on audience involvement).

Costumes: spandex. (Four in total).

16mm Film: five 16mm film projectors. Five 16mm film loops (each approximately between 5-8 seconds).

Digital Video: DVD player, video projector, digital still camera. Looped video sequence (variable duration of video, it is dependent on the wall piece).

Sound: CD player and speakers. (4 min. sound loop).