A Short Reflection on V1 (Tourbillons)

In Christian Lebrat. Toronto: The Loop Collective Press: 2009. 6-7.

A Short Reflection on V1 (Tourbillons) is an essay contribution to a monograph on the work of Christian Lebrat. The monograph accompanied, Entre les images: Christian Lebrat in Person, a major retrospective of Lebrat's work presented by the Loop Collective and Cinematheque Ontario in March, 2009.

"The opening of Christian Lebrat's video, V1 (Tourbillons), fades in with a torrent of staccato sounds while the screen fills with a play of light reflections and raindrops on a watery surface. This scene is sustained, holding my attention on the details of this maelstrom long enough for me to grasp the patterning of rain as the central focus of the video. It is from here that I am able to enter the piece. The indexical quality of the image recedes, and I begin to perceive drawings of light on the surface of the water and surface of the screen. These are transient, delicate, ephemeral light drawings, which burst forth only to quickly decay. I note that this play of light is akin to the flutter of moths around a flame; the moth wings briefly catch the light in fan shapes and then disappear into the black of night...."

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