by Angela Joosse
Digital video, four camera composite
7.5min | colour | sound | 2006
Dancers: Megan Andrews and Deborah Axelrod
Computer programming: Hendrick de Haan
Camera operators: Christopher Blow, Joelle Craven, Day Milman, Jeremy Singer

4C is a study in cinematic perception. It is an encounter between improvised dance performances and precise digital image processing. New colours emerge through the blending of images, and new forms are generated through the pact between the image on screen and the perception of the viewer.

Selected Screenings:
• Ex-Centris (Cinéma Parallèle), Montréal, QC, February 26, 2009. Curated by the Double Negative Collective.
• Club SAW, Ottawa ON, 26 Apr. 2008. Curated by the Available Light Collective.
• Rattle a Cage, DeLeon White Gallery, Toronto ON, 3 Apr. 2008
• Nuit Blanche, Toronto ON, 29 Sep. 2007
• Alucine, Toronto ON, 9 June 2006