Shapes Eat Shapes

Video by Angela Joosse
Sound by Angela Joosse and Jesse Laine
Digital stills to digital video
3min | colour | sound | 2006

A meshing of interior rhythms with exterior patterns, this piece is a waltz formed between bodily pulsations and continually shifting urban grids.

Critical Writing:
"Shapes Eat Shapes engages our senses, its impact is measured viscerally. It’s inviting not only to see the miraculous in the ordinary, but to feel it with all our being."
"Interpenetration of shapes and their fusion create a dynamism and the blurring of vision in between frames. We sense our own breath as we hear Angela’s – thus, she redirects our attention both to the live energy inside and the presence of the world outside."
"Based on the photographic image, the film is expected to resemble the world, but paradoxically, it defamiliarizes it to the point of making the ordinary extraordinary by undermining the relationship between form and reference. Instead, we are invited to experience presence that doesn’t depend on anything outside itself. Angela’s film takes away our certainty about the everyday world. In three minutes we are taught to expect the unexpected again. The only thing to be sure about is the reality of the encounter. Thus, the world becomes new and intimate. It reveals itself in every moment. It is discovered. It is felt."
- Natalya Androsova. “The feminine and the sacred poetics in Angela Joosse's Shapes Eat Shapes.” Conference Proceedings. The New Paragone: The Cinema and Vanguard Art Movements, Ryerson University.

Selected Screenings:
• The Factory: Hamilton Media Arts Centre, Hamilton ON. July 12-27, 2013.
• TIFF Cinematheque's The Free Screen Program, TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto ON, Nov. 30, 2011
• The Factory: Hamilton Media Arts Centre, Hamilton ON, May 14, 2010, Curated by Tyler Tekatch
• Ex-Centris (Cinéma Parallèle), Montréal, QC. Curated by the Double Negative Collective. February 26, 2009.
• Korean Cinematheque, Seoul, South Korea, September 16, 2008
• Rattle a Cage, DeLeon White Gallery, Toronto ON, April 3, 2008
• WNDX Festival of Avant Garde and Underground Film, Winnipeg MB, October 4, 2007
• Nuit Blanche, Toronto ON, 29 Sep. 2007
• Alucine, Toronto ON, 3 June 2007