Film- Landscape- People: an Exquisite Corpse

by Angela Joosse and Marcia Connolly
16mm, hand processed
3min | black & white | sound | 2008
Sound mastering by Jesse Laine
Optical sound by Ray Cook, Skylight Studio, Toronto ON
Film print by Sebastjan Hendrickson, Niagara Custom Lab, Toronto ON

Film- Landscape- People: an Exquisite Corpse is composed of 100 feet of 16mm film exposed three times. It is a film variation of the game the early Surrealists were fond of playing: a piece of paper is folded in three, and without allowing anyone else to see, one person draws a head in the top third. Similarly, the next person draws a body; and finally, another person draws feet in the bottom third of the paper. A marvellous moment materializes when the paper is unfolded to reveal an uncanny creature, an “exquisite corpse.”

Shot at Phil Hoffman’s “Film Farm” in Mt. Forest, Ontario, Film- Landscape-People is a hand-processed film, edited entirely in-camera. It is a celluloid rendition of the alchemical mixing of elements which make the “Film Farm” an exquisite space. The three main elements which must be present for this marvellous transformation of space to happen: 16mm film, the farm landscape, and a dynamic mix of people. These same three elements also provide the structure for the collaged soundscape, which was recorded and edited on cassette tape.